Thursday, January 6, 2011

Really short history lesson

Why does the frog queen keep mentioning the Reformation and "thanking Henry" :D

Reformation? - Henry said f*ck you to the Catholic Church started a new church and ordered all the Catholic churches to be dismantled

....most of them were "unroofed" this meant taking the lead roof off the church to use elsewhere.  Without the roof, the buildings fell to ruin and many were dismantled to build fancy homes to the people that Henry granted the church land.  (that is the really short poor American education version - if someone wiser knows more....please help me out.)

....not that I am all that big a fan of the Catholic church (in fact you could go so far as to say it is quite the opposite :D) but it is very sad to see all these ruined cathedral/church because of the reformation

....and not that I am a big fan of Henry VIII (didn't know him personally) but his decision to break away from the Catholic church (which I personally understand, been there myself much to the dismay of my family) was the downfall of so many amazing buildings

.....the more I travel over there, the more sad I feel

....then I think, man, does that mean I am rooting for the Catholic church? Wait, that can't be!! Oh no!!

......quite a quandary I tell you.  I try not to think about it too much makes my head hurt :D


  1. Good architecture has nothing to do with religion, so don't feel guilty. Henry's real motivation for leaving the church was to gain the freedom to divorce/behead his women.

  2. The short version is; Henry's then wife Cathrine had yet to give Henry a male heir. Then Henry met Anne Boleyn, who made Henry's private parts tingle. Henry's private parts tingling for Anne plus no bouncing baby boy lead Henry to ask the Pope for an annulment. The Pope refused to annul the marriage set off a series of events that lead to Henry's excommunication from the Catholic Church and the separation of the Church of England from the Catholic Church.

    We hypothesis that had Cathrine given birth to a son Henry would not have tried to get the marriage annulled and he would have likely either forced or bullied Anne into being one of his know to satisfy his man thirst.

  3. Oh and you know who Anne Boleyn's daughter was right? Yeah that's right she was one of the original members of the Bad Ass Broads club.