Friday, October 30, 2009

Even more help

Although I can do pretty good with foam and a hot knife, my web programming skills suck.

A fact made plainly clear by my fabulous work on the Haunters Video Awards site. As you can see, I clearly need some help.

If any of you out there can help me, I really need someone to redesign the site and create some banners. So if you can or know someone who can volunteer (I am spending all my budget on awards, plaques and postage) to help me with this site I would be forever grateful!!!

I can probably get a free set of the DVDs for you and some other goodies....if anyone in interested, I can contact some of my vendor friends and see if I can get a donation.

Just thought I would ask, you can email me at

Happy Halloween and be sure to film your haunt!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

And to the lady

that came up to the team and told them that they needed more bloody gore and blood and scratches on their makeup and other unhelpful suggestions, and that she would be back next year "when they do it right."

When they do it right?!?!?

Please do not come back to my yard. Ever. This is not the frog queen's joking face.

That was mean, I have no use for that here. If you would have said it around me I would have escorted you out of the graveyard. :)

Believe me, there were police officers and reserves waiting around for something to do....they are nice people, here to support the community; they liked the dancers. If I would have asked, I am sure they would have been happy to remove you from property. :)

I am going to bet that your daughter dances at another school. And it is easier to make yourself feel better by tearing down other people, that the hard work it takes to build yourself up. I guess there is a bit of rivalry between the dance teams...after all these years, looks like high school never changes :D

Still no reason to be mean. Mean people stay out of my yard!!!

I am very stressed this time of year and you really do not piss off the frog think those headstone in the yard are just for decoration? :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


when was the last time you saw a pumpkin in a real graveyard, how about a they are gone. I gave away my scarecrow and quit carving pumpkins.

Earlier this year I was reading Pumpkinrot's post (tried to find it to link....sorry, no luck) on traditional Halloween decorations. It struck me that in my single minded pursuit to create a graveyard, I had banished anything that was not appropriate from the decor, including pumpks and scarecrows.

I like pumpkins and scarecrows, they were always part of my decor. I missed them.

But they were not going into the graveyard....they just did not fit.

But I do have a large backyard.....hum, I have always wanted to decorate back there, maybe I can do something in the garden.

I knew I wanted a scarecrow for the garden, but how to put pumpkins in the mix? I really don't have the space to grow pumpkins proper in my vegi garden, but I could create something that was just for photos.

So down from upstairs comes a Bart, a little bit of Fix-all, caulking, hardware removal*, a bit of stain and paint, and some rebar to hold up his head, out he goes in one of the vegi beds.

A couple bags of potting soil and a handful of pumpkin seeds ....some rain and a bit of sun....and I have my latest Frog Queen folly!

This is not the finished scene, a few more details to add and some adjustments to the scarecrow, but the Marci's pictures were too good! I had to share. :)

More photos from the lovely Marci
*remember, frog queen HATES when you leave that metal hanging hardware on your skeletons, yes, I will make fun of you, you have been warned. :)

LOL! Footnote on my footnote blog :D Silly frog queen!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have been working

on a blog post since July, it is too self indulgent in its current state. I am still not ready to post it, likely never.

But today brought it back to my mind.

I have shared a bit how some haunters don't care like The Davis Graveyard, be it husband and I personally, or the style in which we haunt, or the way we go about promoting the graveyard.

Fair enough, they are your opinions, you are entitled to them. I can say that I never meant my words or intentions to mean what you say they do....but I have been around long enough to know to just leave it alone, at that point there is usually nothing I can say to change the situation and we will both just end up unhappy.

I wish it could be otherwise.

Anyway, a couple of things really got me down this year and has unfortunately as much as I have tried to not let them bother me...there has been a dark spot on my Halloween heart most of this year.

What got me thinking about it....was that this morning we had several people come up to us and thank us for what we do, like the guy that said he appreciated that we brought the Halloween spirit back to the neighborhood.

As I was walking home with husband I realized that I had let the words of a few people hold too much sway over me this year and that was unfair not only to myself, but the many people we work with and the thousands of people that we create the display for. They deserve all of my attention, and I have foolishly given it to a few people that don't deserve it at all.

I have been a silly frog queen indeed.

I don't think I am completely better yet. But I do feel something changing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I guess there are some rules to getting this award, I am not big on rules - red heads, we are nothing but I am going to follow the rules part of the way and answer some questions

1.) Thank the person who gave this to you - done
2.) Copy the logo and place it in your blog - did that
3.) Link the person who nominated you - ah.....okay Here she is in all her loveliness!!!
4.) Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know

Seven things.......hum.

Nothing is coming......

1 - I hate answering these things :)
2 - I don't like passing on awards...they feel like chain letters to me. (Sorry, really I am, just a silly frog queen thing - no one, take it personal, really!!!)
3 - I lose my car keys on a daily basis
4 - hate coffee - I know, I am weird :)
5 - had a cat named Merlin - he was an orange tabby....I miss him a lot
6 - loathe pop music (top 40)
7 - The Witchery in Edinburgh, Scotland is my favorite resturant in the whole world!

That is all, the frog queen is done....if any of you want an award, let me know, I would be happy to pass this one on to you :D (not!)

Not that I don't think my fellow blogger are not steps for the frog queen....she actually answered a blog award questionaire., I participated in a "Musical Monday" for crying out loud!!!!..can you feel it? Yes, that is the sound of the universe tearing apart! :D

Gawd, I am a drama queen!!! :D

What will happen next! The frog queen might do something nice, slow down a, not gonna happen :D