Monday, January 10, 2011

I know what will work

I remember a long time ago when I got into blogging, one of the first memorable blog posts I recall is from ShellHawk (at least I think it was her) - she was lamenting on how a blog "written" by a cat was more popular than hers.  Made me giggle and the fact that I had 2 cats at the time (and three cats now) how funny that would be.  But I did not want to do something like that because I was too new in the blog world and did not want piss off any bloggers.

Well, time has passed and I have had the immense pleasure of now knowing said blogger personally, and she has a brilliant sense of humor.  So the worries were unfounded.

Anyway....the idea has been in the back of my head for a while, I even got the blog "Graveyard Cats" attached to my profile....nothing there yet, but at least I have it when I finally get my act in gear and get on that one of my many projects.

Then I saw that Bean from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Blog was selected by a cat food company to wear a camera around and be part of a film.

That is it.  If I really want to have a Youtube video that people watch, or a blog that gets more than a few hits a day......I am going to have to use more of my resources and involve the cat.

Since Hal is kinda/sorta famous in the (agreeable very small (less than 50 hits a day) part of my haunt community,) I thought this would be perfect.

I will get the silly cat (sorry Hal), majestic, handsome, and entertaining cat, a video camera to wear around the yard at Halloween!   F*cking brilliant.  Not original mind you.....but I am not proud.  I am in marketing, I am used to selling my soul on an almost daily basis. :)

And in this case....I am willing to sell Hal's soul too.

But my dreams have dashed by the fact that it is virtually impossible to find a cat collar camera!  Seriously, someone lend me some money, we are going to make cat/dog collar cameras for under $100 (and preferably shipped from the US) - we are going to make a fortune....cause I know from market people spend a ludicrous amount of money on their just have to see the set up in my house to prove that.

Hummmm, I bet you are all wondering if there is a point here.....there is, maybe.  I am not guaranteeing that....remember this is my folly blog.

So the other day I was listening to Tim Minchin (I know HUGE surprise) anyway, he does a song that proves this point perfectly, I see that he too understands my is called Yourtube Lament. (lyrics below)

All my carefully measured metaphor

All my flat nine dominant seven chords

All of my shtick

My lyrical trickery

All of those bows

All that applause

All my intertextuality

All my self-aware hypocrisy

All of those rhymes

My irregular times

All my softly spoken sophistry

All my make-up, all my lights

All my photo shoots in tights

All my pretensions

All my intentions

All my glitzy opening nights

All my brow-dependent jokes

All my mirror balls and smoke

All my tilts at wit and whimsy

All my poetry

My swear words and my smut

Will never get as many hits

As Kitten Waking Up

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  1. Shelly - I adore you...and you must now get a multi region DVD player....I have "so many sights to show you" :D Look at me any chance to reference Clive Barker....I am such a dork.

    Thanks for all your support!