Friday, August 27, 2010

This is probably the singer

that I get the most static about liking....well maybe the second.  Jimmy Somerville.

But anyway, when I tell someone that I LOVE his falsetto and own everything that he has ever recorded with any group or other singer....they give me that blank "why" stare.

Honestly, I really don't know.  But for me there is something amazingly comforting in his voice. Even though his work is primarily dance/disco ish....I really do find it soothing to listen to.

You all knew the frog queen was insane, right?  Now you have your proof.

I still remember the first time I heard this song, and the joy I get listening to it has not faded with time nor familiarity :)

I have thought about it.....I get static about him.....but I would have to say first place is......  You are going to have to wait to find out :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Husband has been having problems

with the kittehs bothering him in the office (he works from home) so I told him to just get a baby gate. 


Guess I did not think that one through :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

When I said there were about 5

of my favorite songwriters, here is another in the list. 

Luckily an album called "Last Year's Model" by Elvis Costello found it's way into my world and rescued me from the world of early 80's top forty (not all of it bad....but let's be honest....a lot of it was)  Anyway, discovered "Alison" in a round about way and tracked down the LP.

Been mesmerised by his work ever since.....another one that is very hard to choose from.  But today I am going to go to a song that for some reason just grabs me every time I hear it.

Here is a live version of Hoover Factory

I believe that Tesco now owns the building.........I believe they sell vacuums :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

Because we love

our little neighborhood and city, both husband and I try to get involved in our community.  One of those things is hosting a summer concert series in our neighborhood park.  We have a concert every Thursday in August.  Lots of fun, we get to see our neighbors and have a great time.  We help raise money for the local high school grad party through snack and beverage sales.  A bit of work for husband, but we love seeing all the happy people.

A few years ago, one of our favorite neighbors that has a dark a sense of humor as me, got the kids to start drawing chalk body outlines on the walk ways.....cause we are just evil.  Of course he tells them to draw them for "Chris" - so I get all the blame.  He is just so thoughtful that way :D

Don't get me wrong we have lots of flowers and butterflies and there was even a cool robot in the mix last night. I am always amazed by the cool artwork.

But for some reason, the chalk outlines have become a standard.  They are getting more creative.  We have had the kids draw clothes on them, one time someone drew a Candyland type game all through the body that involved jacks and a rubber ball....I tried to follow the rules when I was playing with the kids....but sadly my adult brain could not keep up with the imaginative kids, but it was a great time.

And wouldn't you know, the night my phone battery was dead was the night they drew the "special" pool of blood oultine no picture, darn.  I was really impressed how they were clever enough to have it go down the bike path and run onto the street.  Distrubed and impressed.

Anyway, this whole event is quite different from the the graveyard....but it cannot be all black and white paint all the time.

....who am I kidding, yes it can :D

Since we started

with XTC, I see no reason to change now.

I have the lyrics to several songs painted on the doors in my music room.  I am thinking of going to the doors in the hallway.  I want and XTC song, and I have been going round and round on which song.  This seems to be the one I am drawn late night/early morning, I am just going to get out the brush and paint and go for it.

Yes, I think this is it

The Last Balloon is one of my favorite tracks from the "Apple" sessions.  (unfortunately, no official videos for this CD)

The last balloon is leaving, the last balloon from fear

The last balloon is leaving, form that line right here

Climb aboard, climb aboard you menfolk

You won't need any bombs or knives

Climb aboard, climb aboard you menfolk

Leave all that, to your former lives

Drop it all

The last balloon is leaving, the last balloon of all

The last balloon is leaving, undress, discard, let fall

Climb aboard, climb aboard you women

You won't need any gems or furs

Climb aboard, climb aboard you women

Leave all that to the bad old years

Drop it all

The last balloon is leaving, the last balloon they'll fly

The last balloon is leaving and we won't qualify

Climb aboard, climb aboard you children

Move aloft, while you're fleet and fast

Climb aboard, climb aboard you children

We're weighed down by our evil past

Drop us all, you should drop us all

Drop us all and free your hand

Drop us all, you should drop us all

Drop us all like so much sand

"drop it all"

three very, very wise words

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is a good day

I just put in my preorder for "I Shall Wear Midnight" by Terry Pratchett hard cover delux version from the UK - it will be here in September.

I will stay up all night reading it.....I can always sleep at my desk :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

So I am ripping off this idea

from another blogger Alphaville, that I just adore, because every Friday like clock work I get to hear a Tom Waits song. 

I know it should not be a big deal, last time I checked my iPod I had about 438 Tom Waits tracks to listen to.  But it is not the same.  Kinda like when you hear your favorite song on the radio...playing live over the airwaves.  Just a different feeling.

So, I know unless I stay up all night one weekend and post 52 songs, there is no way I am going to remember to do this every week.  And I know that there are all those cool blog follow things out there....but I already messed up one of those recently by being sick....and people expect you to play by a set of all know how I feel about those.

Anyway - I am just going to share songs that I love.  I would say I have a favorite song or songwriter.  But really I just admire some performers/writers for different reasons.

Today we are going to focus on one of my favorite lyricists.  I have many, but in the top 5 is definitely Andy Partridge from XTC - he is a genius in my book.  English Settlement is one of my favorite CDs (I am actually old enough to say I had it in vinyl originally :)

XTC  has written many great songs....but if I had to pick today, and believe me it is very hard for me to do this with their work.  It would have to be "Dear God" 

If you catch me on a different day it might be "Smartest Monkeys" or "Chalkhills and Children".....or maybe "Last Balloon"...oh, and then there is "Greeman"...I do so love that song too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

You know what that carriage needs?

a ghost horse.  We all agree, we have been thinking about it for a few years.  We ran out of time last year, but this year I made a commitment to get a hold of my friend Sara and head up to her horse ranch and film one of her lovey horses to make a ghost video.

This is going to be a cool effect!!

I have known my friend Sara for about 10 years - she went to Scotland with us last time we rented a castle. 

I have watched her go through some big changes in her life, and she has always been a brave and upbeat person.  No matter what anyone else said. 

One of them was watching her go from working here with me in marketing to living the dream of owning a 30 acre horse ranch.  She might tell you she misses the steady paycheck sometimes....but she is living the dream that she set out to live.  I admire her immensely.  Very proud to call her my friend..  I am very blessed to know some amazing people.

Anyway, she let us film her lovely horse "Legacy" last night for the video.  Husband was messing with it today and it is not going to work.  Not a total bust, we got to see her new baby horse (10 weeks old) Rio - who is the cutest thing ever!

Enjoyed very much visiting her place, so very different than my home in the city.  I just love getting out of my element from time to time. Life really is an amazing thing when you stop and pay attention.

So, darn, we are going to have to go back up there and visit baby Rio....oh,  I mean film the ghost horse again :D