Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lessons learned

So what did we learn from our little adventure in 2008?

I already know this...but at times like this I am reminded that this display is so much bigger than me, it really has a life if its own. From all the people in the community that help to the fact that my silly cat gets fan mail! :)

So what did we do this year (2009).....we super-duper-duper reinforced the heck out of that scaffolding. Along with several other safety features....eventually I want a cable and harness attached to the roof.

We learned a very valuable lesson that day, that home owners insurance does not cover peoples medical costs from accidents like that on your property. You cannot even buy an extra rider. You can buy liability insurance....but that only works if you are found liable. And that only happens if we created something unsafe - like dug a pit in the middle of the driveway and pushed you in. So fortunately for us, he had health insurance. We have a new policy at the workshop that you cannot help with set up or take down or work with power tools unless you are insured - NO exceptions. It is not because we don't like you.....it is because we do like you. :) Well, most of you :D

We have the best crew. Through the whole situation everyone was helpful - from visiting him in the hospital to getting him around after that.....bringing him groceries in the snow and having him over for the holidays.

Seriously, you can steal any prop in the yard...the whole thing in fact. But don't even think of touching my friends.* I am extremely possessive of those wonderful people. I love those guys and you cannot have them...not even to borrow. Don't ask. :D

* and the cat. You can't have Hal, husband will kill me (he would likely give up me before that cat :D )...and anyway, it is Hal's yard, you could try to take him...but he would just end up back at our place eventually :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

This proves my point

on #5 on the last list. So we rent some movies (I am going to be nice when I say "we" - I am going to take credit for agreeing to rent them...so I guess it is partly my fault.) :D

So we watched two movies the other night, one romantic comedy and one horror film.

All About Steve and Jennifer's Body

All About Steve was painful to watch, I think I have an imprint of the embroidery on my sofa on my head from banging against it trying to lower my iQ enough to watch that disaster. OMG - I cannot find words to describe how awful it was. I should be honest....I did not watch the whole thing....I got up from the couch as many times as I could throughout the movie :D I rest my case, most romantic comedies are rubbish....they make both men and women look like idiots.

I have to go watch Practical Magic again so that I don't have that image of Sandra in a dreadful blonde wig stuck in my head.

So, Jennifer's Body had to be better, right? Well, only slightly...don't rent that one either. It is okay, but I would never recommend it. Not sure what it is, it had potential, but just never went anywhere and was too predictable for my liking.

Once again, not going to get into the well covered movie review arena.....just giving you my opinion....you will have to trust me on these two movies and stay away.

Husband says I get to pick the movies next time!! I have to see if Robo-Geisha is out yet :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

In order to save Hal

from befalling some tragedy from Carl's Curse....I will accomodate (most of) the award rules....just this one time :D

Kreativ Blogger Award rules (I hate rules):

Thank the person...done

Copy the award on your blog...done

Link to the person who gave you the award...done

Name 7 things about yourself that people may find interesting.....

I am missing some girl genes. I can prove it:

1. I HATE shopping.
2. Pink is my least favorite color.
3. Don't even think of buying me a gift from a jewelry store.
4. I did not like Sex in the City (yes, I watched the whole series - because many of my girl and my gay friends bugged me about watching it.) If Carrie was my friend, (and I guarantee you, she would not be, but if she was,) I would have smacked her upside the head with her ridiculously expensive shoes! :D
5. I don't like romantic comedies - I rather watch a horror or action flick instead :)
6. I am seriously allergic to mushy Hallmark cards (or any mushy card for that matter) - Husband knows I neither get nor give them.
7. I wear a single band as a wedding ring....I have no desire ever to own some outrageously big and distracting diamond....I rather have a rare book or piece of art instead.

Nominate seven Kreativ Bloggers....

Oh my, what is that sound? Yes, you did hear a slight "snapping" sound....man, that rule broke easy! :D

Okay Carl, that is the last time you get to pull the pet curse on me :D