Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There are days

when you just have to step back and except the fact that you are loved and have some really cool friends....and husband.

When I was freaking out about this project not working, my friends at Happy Trails were willing to help me with project despite the fact that some of them were "sleeping at the studio" because they were working 20 hours a day...but they would find the time to help me, for one tenth of what they would charge anyone else, because we are "friends".

They even called me a couple times to see how it was going and make sure I was okay -I guess my freaking out worried them :D

Not only did husband spend hours and days helping me (and never complained), but never once gave me a hard time about my trash-talking of Pinnacle and how now I was forced to use it. At least he hasn't yet...... :D

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not a chance

of a name change, on our local creek, the original family that the creek is named after still lives in the area....and I don't think they are big fans of the graveyard :) I remember the year I put tombstones up during the garden tour, she was not amused :D (I understand, her yard has been in Sunset Magazine among others....and here I am putting silly Halloween decorations in my only locally featured garden! :D)

Now that I ponder it for a moment, I think my friends garden, with corpse in the pit put her over the edge! LOL!

I guess I will never really understand the people that dislike Halloween.....what are they crazy!?

Wait, I think that is what they think about me! :D

I think we are both right! :D

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hal takes guarding

the garden very seriously :D

...that is not actually Hal, but it looks like him...back before he became a house cat and we fattened him up a bit. LOL!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

* I have to get a little

silly about this whole award thing sometimes. This whole project has had its share of "moments" over the years and at times I was done helping. Thankfully husband is a very sane person and has a lot of experience at "talking me down" when I get too crazy (like I said, guy deserves a medal.) I laugh and think that sometimes, I think I am going to need therapy over this whole thing. :D

Seriously, I really need to get out and make a prop to put me in a better mood. :D I have this project that was supposed to be my first papier-mâché project last year that I wimped out on :)

It is sitting in my music room mocking me......I think I might have to make time to give it a try - finally :) Or maybe not....if it goes wrong.....I will likely chuck it out the window and follow right after it! :D