Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We can't do anything normal

at our house. The Davis Graveyard thing has made us quite notorious in our a recently meeting in the city, husband was talking about the new outdoor art installation in our downtown area....jokingly everyone assumed it would be made up of skeletons and mud men. :D When we go somewhere, we are refereed to as the graveyard people.

Good fun.

That said, I cannot even adopt normal cats. We all know that Hal (Halloween Cat) is quite famous as the keeper of the graveyard, so you would think that the other two house cats - Mason and Dorie would be jealous. Not really.

They have their own fan club - completely not graveyard related.

We adopted both of them from our vet. She had a litter of kittens that she rescued and gave all of them away but two. And being the smart vet that she is, she noticed that Mason is a very sweet cat who wants to be petted and played with - the vets office loves him, he likes being held on his back like a baby....he is just the sweetest cat....but his sister, not so much. She hides in the corner and does not want to be held.

So, she wisely said they have to go as a pair....otherwise Dorie would likely never find a home.

So husband and I are the suckers that agreed to take both of them. After a few years, they have grown into lovely kitties. Mason still likes to be held on his back even though his is the largest cat I have ever owned, making it kinda difficult to do :) ....and Dorie, well, she likes me.....and sometimes husband, but still not a big cuddlier.

But - when we go into the vet's office it is like I am bringing in celebrities. As soon as they know they are there everyone comes out from behind the counter to hold and pet them. When they finally do go back in the cage and head to the back (they get their nails trimmed about every 6 weeks) you hear them happily announce to the rest of the staff that "Mason and Dorie are here!" To where you hear plenty of "ahhhhhs" and squeals, and lots of "Oh! So good to see you guys" (Hal never gets that kind of attention :D ) . . . and I sit alone in a quite empty vets office waiting for their return.

I worry that someday I might just decide to keep them :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

This is exactly

how I felt during my meeting this morning.....I just hate the Monday morning meetings! Lots of blah, blah, blah....I don't know about all the rest of my co-workers...but I have stuff I could be doing right now...important stuff.....relevant stuff.....

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