Thursday, December 24, 2009

I know that I am

the reason for the change to the "holiday dress code memo" this year. It not specifically says "Christmas" clothing, instead of "holiday" clothing.

It used to read "holiday themed clothing", and yes, I did write it that way on purpose. No, not so I could wear a skeleton scarf on Christmas Eve (that was an added bonus), I wrote it that way as to not offend anyone who is of a non-christian faith or does not celebrate at all. I purposely did not use the word "Christmas" because I am allergic to lawyers :)

Anyway, big surprise that the frog queen does not own or ever plans to own a holiday sweater, so I just wear a Santa hat or antlers or something - paired with a Halloween item. For no other reason than I like Halloween and Christmas and I have a sense of humor. :D

Something that I think HR finds an absence of in an employee to be a necessity :D

So, I have this skull scarf that I wear all the time (not just Christmas eve) and it appears that wearing it outside of "Halloween" is offensive to some people I work with. They reported it to HR....who now has to be more clear in their communication to staff, because of me. :)

For the record, the HR department used to be next to marketing and we are good friends. I help organize most of the staff parties and events, I decorate, create the flyers and awards, they love me. They thought it was silly, but they are also afraid of lawyers so . . . . . . .memos have to be edited.

And if she did not like my skull scarf, then she would really hate my skull hat with holly on it....I thought about wearing it today......I had it in my hand this morning as I was walking out the the last minute, I put it back in the box. (That was close!)

As for the gingerbread house. I told the department if they wanted me to make it, it was going to be "haunted"......I think they were even a bit, ah.....shall we say surprised. Guess I don't have to make one next year! :D

Frog on the Pumpkin

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Okay, I am tired

of waiting....will they just show the final Dr. Who episodes already?!?!?

This is killing me.

A good reminder why I try not to watch TV, when I like something....I have little or no patience. This is why I prefer reading....the only thing stopping me from finding out how it how fast I can read, coupled with how tired I want to be at work the next day :D

Why did David Tennet have to be such a good Doctor!?

I could have been done with the series when Chris left......cause I was sure no one could do better.....but I was wrong. Just like everyone else David is one of my favorite Doctors. (Although Tom Baker will always be the Dr. Who in my mind, guess I am just old school :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

If you are a fan

of Fox News, sorry for my last post. :)

As much as I find the channel annoying, my making fun of them (and Mr. Murdock) was more in reference to the circus type atmosphere of the channel and anything related to that making a Pratchett movie, rather than the actual channel's content.

I hope the last post will make the title of this blog make a bit more sense :)

And.....if you like The Hogfather....they made The Color of Magic (his first book) and The Light Fantastic (both books, one movie) into another delightful movie. If you enjoy the humor, you will like this one too.

Rincewind was perfectly cast. And any movie with Tim Curry (as Trymon) gets my attention. :)

Now I am just waiting to see the Wyrd Sisters as a movie....who will they cast as Nanny Ogg - cause I do happen to posses a cat to play Greedo (although now gone orange tabby, Merlin would have been PERFECT) - yes, Dorie might have found her calling - if I can pry her out from under the couch :D