Monday, September 28, 2009

I did not say

anything about the spider in the eye incident until Sunday night....mostly because I could not utter the words out loud. But we were talking to some friends that stopped by on Sunday afternoon and the conversation got on to conversations do.

"Well, you know, daddy long legs are really not spiders" says Ruby - one of the biggest fans of the Graveyard since she was four (she is six now) - makes her parents drive by everyday when it is set up.

"Looks like a spider to me....that is guilt by association. It is a spider in my book."

Everyone laughs.

The thing "spider" that crawled in my eye I am pretty sure was a daddy long legs, or something close to that....I think I could go look it up and find out for sure.....but that would mean looking at pictures of spiders to help identify it.

My left eye informed me not to even think about it, that it has seen enough spiders....thank you very much.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Not all the pictures

on the blog are of spiders.

Just one too many, and one at all, is too many.

To be fair, he has posted a lot of frog pictures...which I LOVE. But I think it is going to take a LOT of frog pictures to make up for that spider :D

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I could never put a ground breaker

from Pumpkinrot in my yard. Three reasons:
(Look at that picture....don't we all covet one of those!!!??)

1) It rains a lot....a lot, lot, lot, lot....I am not exaggerating...come on my Northwest buddies you know what I mean. We have a lot of water here.....lots of water. It would be goo. Mossy, slimy goo. Wait, I am sure I could find a use for that :D

2) I have one outdoor cat. He loves. No, wait, let me clarify. He LIVES for October so he can scratch props. Foam and wood can be fixed with a bit of paint (and some cursing under my breath.) Fixing a corpse......I would have to get a repair kit from Rot .....I wonder how much that would cost :)

3) And most important. It would make my props look plain and boring. Yep, not that it would be hard.... :) And the realization of my inadequacy would likely make me want to throw myself off a bridge....and as I said, there is lots of water here so I have a lot bridge choices. :D

To be safe...I am going to stick to pumpkins ...and maybe a few greeting cards - what harm could they cause :)

Frog Queen knows her limits (just like I know I am evil), and I am fine with that!! :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sugar Mice

I told myself that I likely never would participate in the questionnaires and other blog follies. But that was on my main blog....I have decided that the frog queen exactly that. Follies.

Not to dismiss Musical Monday and all it's wonderfulness, but for the frog queen to participate in something not Halloween related, especially now, is an the event itself, and must be considered a folly. I know, I am very silly. :)

I have been Good Mourning, Glory blog for a long time now but never participated in this weekly here we go. Thanks Diane for the inspiration.

So here I first blog world participation post :D
Excuse me if I don't the the protocol exactly right...I am not good with rules :D

Since I was musing on Scotland, I thought I would make a Musical Monday post on one of my favorite bands - ever, and a definitely one of my favorite song writers. Fish has it that, the reason that Phish spells their name that way.... He already had "Fish" taken.

Anyway...back in 1985 my sister and I were watching MTV back when they actually played videos and happened upon "Kayliegh" by Marillion. We LOVED it and spent years tracking down the Misplaced Childhood LP (back when CDs were just getting started) and found that they had a few other LPs out....I bought them all.

On the Clucking at Straws LP I came across this song. It quickly became and remains my one of my all time favorite songs.

Not sure why, as the frog queen, being female and having no kids - I cannot directly relate to the lyrics in any reflection on my life...but the longing in the song has always rung true for me. Something about the lyric and the way the delivery from Fish - just seem perfect to me.

As a folly on top of a folly....years ago when we were in London, I convinced husband to spend our wedding anniversary in a dodgy club called the Mean Fiddler to see one of his solo shows. If I ever doubted husband loved me....I got proof that night.
And....on that same trip the guy my sister was dating...who was born in Aberdeen (Scotland) was on that trip with us....he went to a candy store and bought me some sugar mice. They made me cry. I know it is silly, but they are one of my prized possessions :D

So here is Sugar Mice by Marillion - the video is very cheesy 80's - close your eyes if it gets too distracting.

I was flicking through the channels on the tv
On a sunday in milwaukee in the rain
Trying to piece together conversations
Trying to find out where to lay the blame

But when it comes right down to it theres no use trying to pretend
For when it gets right down to it theres no one here thats left to blame
Blame it on me, you can blame it on me
Were just sugar mice in the rain

I heard sinatra calling me through the floorboards
Where you pay a quarter for a partnership in rhyme
To the jukebox crying in the corner
While the waitress is counting out the time

For when it comes right down to it theres no use trying to pretend
For when it gets right down to it theres no one really left to blame
Blame it on me, you can blame it on me
Were just sugar mice in the rain

cause I know what I feel, know what I want I know what I am
Daddy took a raincheck
Cos I know what I want, know what I feel I know what I need
Daddy took a raincheck, your daddy took a raincheck
Aint no one in here thats left to blame but me
Blame it on me, blame it on me

Well the toughest thing that I ever did was talk to the kids on the phone
When I heard them asking questions I knew that that you were all alone
Cant you understand that the government left me out of work
I just couldnt stand the looks on their faces saying, what a jerk

So if you want my address its number one at the end of the bar
Where I sit with the broken angels clutching at straws and nursing our scars
Blame it on me, blame it on me
Sugar mice in the rain
Your daddy took a raincheck, your daddy took a raincheck

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And they have red eyes

too. These frogs I want to make. They will become a permanent garden folly when I am done.

This will be my spring project. Along with the Tardus garden shed I want to build.

OHHHH....the frogs will be trying to get into the Tardus!! Maybe I will put a key in on a chain in the mouth of the frog on top, reaching for the lock!!!

No particular reason just seems like a fun idea......maybe I should write my own Dr. Who episode :D

It is very late, and I am being silly, I must go to sleep, I need to make more props tomorrow!

His name is


this "Husband" I refer to in the blog, in case any of you did not know that :)

Jeff & Chris Davis of the Davis Graveyard - just in case you needed more clarification :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009

One of my favorite

posts and stories was this post.

It was one of the first times I tried telling a conversation between husband and I. Pretty close to how it happened. I found myself remembering the conversation and seeing it in reverse and realised....that I, in fact, did not get my way.

I had not noticed that the first time around. :D

To be fair to husband....I also did bug him about changing the prop...pretty late at know, when we should be girl trick....I feel ashamed....just a little.

I am over it now :D

I also admitted in public that I loved Friday the 13th The Series. Yes, I have the worst taste in TV shows :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

I have a problem

I have been a big fan of bad British scifi forever. Loved Dr. Who - Tom Baker is still my favorite. Oh, and I remember watching the original Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...remember lots of tin foil. :) And I loved Torchwood, it was sad to see it end, but it was a great run while it lasted.

Oh and then my second favorite Red Dwarf. Silly show, but for some reason it still makes me laugh...and every time I watch it I feel bad for Danny John Jules, those teeth could not have been comfortable.

Saw the recent Back to Earth special and have to say that overall I liked it. They were on a budget and it shows, but the homage to Blade Runner is rather distracting...I like it sometimes, but other times I just wondered "why?" I have to say that most of the guys look pretty good for 10+ year later...a little larger :) except for Danny - wow, I mean he that made purple spandex ABBA outfit, actually the outfit is dreadful. I hope he got hazard pay.

Anyway, that brings me to Dr. Who - the longest running scifi show ever. Pretty cool. I have loved this new season and both the new doctors. As I posted a while back (and you should read this post if you did not originally, my friend Jason made the funniest (and colorful) comment) on how I am not sure I am going to like the new Doctor.

We will see how it goes.

I have probably watched the Blink episode more than any of the other, mostly because of the angels and that it is a good story. So long term plan is to have an angel similar to the Blink angel on Dr. Who.

Can I carve arms out of foam? We are going to find out.

2010 . . . . .maybe?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Quake Secure?

I grew up in Southern earthquakes were a part of life. Husband and I had this plan on when to panic. It is okay to say in bed or in the office, until the pictures started to fall off the walls.

Yeah, then, I get in that doorway. Quick!

So, I learned a few tricks on how to keep your stuff from breaking every time the earth started quaking.....:D So sorry, could not resist.

Anyway, it is called Quake Secure. Cool stuff, holds almost anything on a surface, like a vase on a table, even when the table moves or actually have to "twist" the item off to release it.

Great for earthquake areas

or for someone with three house cats :)