Friday, August 20, 2010

When I said there were about 5

of my favorite songwriters, here is another in the list. 

Luckily an album called "Last Year's Model" by Elvis Costello found it's way into my world and rescued me from the world of early 80's top forty (not all of it bad....but let's be honest....a lot of it was)  Anyway, discovered "Alison" in a round about way and tracked down the LP.

Been mesmerised by his work ever since.....another one that is very hard to choose from.  But today I am going to go to a song that for some reason just grabs me every time I hear it.

Here is a live version of Hoover Factory

I believe that Tesco now owns the building.........I believe they sell vacuums :)


  1. I found your post on another blog and thought "Frog Queen" this must be a very cool person with a name like that. :o) Then I read your title and laughed. My sister just got me started reading Terry Prachett! I just finished the Color of Magic. I wasn't enthralled at first but by the end of the book I believe I was hooked. Now to get the next one so I can see what runs amok on Disc World. ;o)
    It was good running into you.

  2. Glad you stopped by. It only takes one Pratchett book to make a fan :)


  3. Furthermore, he's married to the adorable and uber-talented Diana Krall! Lucky SOB, I knew I should have asked her out when I met her in the mid-90s!

  4. OH FroggyQ...That comment wasn't really meant for you! More for the the mother in law(s) and co-workers, and family and friends that visit our haunts with their Minnie minions each year! I could never pilfer a fellow haunter, that's just wrong! :D