Friday, August 13, 2010

Because we love

our little neighborhood and city, both husband and I try to get involved in our community.  One of those things is hosting a summer concert series in our neighborhood park.  We have a concert every Thursday in August.  Lots of fun, we get to see our neighbors and have a great time.  We help raise money for the local high school grad party through snack and beverage sales.  A bit of work for husband, but we love seeing all the happy people.

A few years ago, one of our favorite neighbors that has a dark a sense of humor as me, got the kids to start drawing chalk body outlines on the walk ways.....cause we are just evil.  Of course he tells them to draw them for "Chris" - so I get all the blame.  He is just so thoughtful that way :D

Don't get me wrong we have lots of flowers and butterflies and there was even a cool robot in the mix last night. I am always amazed by the cool artwork.

But for some reason, the chalk outlines have become a standard.  They are getting more creative.  We have had the kids draw clothes on them, one time someone drew a Candyland type game all through the body that involved jacks and a rubber ball....I tried to follow the rules when I was playing with the kids....but sadly my adult brain could not keep up with the imaginative kids, but it was a great time.

And wouldn't you know, the night my phone battery was dead was the night they drew the "special" pool of blood oultine no picture, darn.  I was really impressed how they were clever enough to have it go down the bike path and run onto the street.  Distrubed and impressed.

Anyway, this whole event is quite different from the the graveyard....but it cannot be all black and white paint all the time.

....who am I kidding, yes it can :D

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