Monday, November 23, 2009

When she saw it

(her award) my sister said...."Hey, wait, I think that is actually a picture of me in Scotland." :D

She is right the picture that I used from my sister's "Least Likely to be Found" award is a picture of her and I outside of Stirling. I do have pictures of her at Loch Ness, but they were not the right angle for the picture.....and the ruins of Urquhart Castle (which is by far the coolest part of the loch.....unless of course, you believe in Nessy :D ) was in the was easier to photoshop out the background from a picture of a light brown heather covered glen. :)

Speaking of Scotland.....we are trying to swing a trip back there in November of next year (2010). The plan is to rent a castle, no, not this ones :) with about 10 friends.....anyone want to go? :D

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