Monday, November 16, 2009

I am overly

sensitive. I think it is because in my day job, I have to deal with a lot of PR and worst case scenario situations.

So I am always aware that something in the yard might be offensive/inappropriate, etc. I am not too worried about it in general, I mean there are some people that find Halloween offensive, so to them anything I do is wrong. Not really worried about them, they will likely not visit the yard anyway.

But I am sensitive to hurting someones feelings or offend someone on a personal level.

So my initial reaction to filming the kids as ghosts was - no way. Someone who has lost a child is not going to find that very entertaining.

So I asked all our friends that had kids (and one I know who, unfortunately, had lost a child) and they all said I was being too sensitive.

I still was not convinced.

And....a week later, on the day we started filming.....still not liking the idea.
Until I saw the kids in the yard. They were having a great time and thought it was cool that they got to be ghosts like their parents. Yeah, this is going to work fine.
The first time it was shown in the yard and they were so excited.....I was glad I had come to terms with the whole project and thankful that husband and friends encouraged (okay, maybe pushed) me to let this be part of the yard.

I have learned a lesson about myself and my perception of the display. I was reminded that this is not to entertain myself and make me happy, and not just for the visitors.....but a creative outlet for many people.....even and now especially for the kids.


  1. being senstitive like that just shows what a kind person you are. :)

    but i'm glad you were convinced that it would be find. i like the idea myself.

  2. find = FINE

    i'm the typo queen tonight! lol

  3. I'm with Diane...

    It's obvious that you have a giant heart. I think it's wonderful that you have such empathy for those around you.

  4. Don't edit your creativity because someone might be offended! If everyone did that there would be no art...there will always be that one person that is, what can you do? I want to see what this "filming of ghosts" is all about but I can't find it here on your blog.

  5. William - this is my side blog. This is where links from my main blog end up...the full story is on the other blog.

    My actual blog is linked at the top. It is called Frog on the Pumpkin, I have both a how we did it and a video. Hope you enjoy!

    Thanks for visiting.