Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I have been working

on a blog post since July, it is too self indulgent in its current state. I am still not ready to post it, likely never.

But today brought it back to my mind.

I have shared a bit how some haunters don't care like The Davis Graveyard, be it husband and I personally, or the style in which we haunt, or the way we go about promoting the graveyard.

Fair enough, they are your opinions, you are entitled to them. I can say that I never meant my words or intentions to mean what you say they do....but I have been around long enough to know to just leave it alone, at that point there is usually nothing I can say to change the situation and we will both just end up unhappy.

I wish it could be otherwise.

Anyway, a couple of things really got me down this year and has unfortunately as much as I have tried to not let them bother me...there has been a dark spot on my Halloween heart most of this year.

What got me thinking about it....was that this morning we had several people come up to us and thank us for what we do, like the guy that said he appreciated that we brought the Halloween spirit back to the neighborhood.

As I was walking home with husband I realized that I had let the words of a few people hold too much sway over me this year and that was unfair not only to myself, but the many people we work with and the thousands of people that we create the display for. They deserve all of my attention, and I have foolishly given it to a few people that don't deserve it at all.

I have been a silly frog queen indeed.

I don't think I am completely better yet. But I do feel something changing.


  1. i hear negativity much louder than i hear positivity sometimes. and i hate when i do that. glad you were set straight :)

  2. Not like Davis Graveyard?!?! Now, thats just CRAZY talk!

  3. those kill-joys can trade places with me - I live in a neighborhood where I got a grand total of 8 trick-or-treaters last year. I had made cute little candy bags with spider rings and everything!
    hugs to you Frog Queen!

  4. It's difficult for me to grasp the idea that someone can't love the Davis Graveyard or that someone can talk negatively of it. You, your husband and your team is working very hard to make it possible and on top of that, you are kind enough to take the time to help other Halloween lovers... You're right, I think these peoples don't deserve your attention.

  5. You do what makes you happy, and it makes other people happy too... what could be wrong with that??? Your fab, and you know it. giggle :)

  6. Well, I think your haunt is amazing, and I've corresponded enough with you and read your written words enough to get a good feel for you - I think you're fantastic, and very sincere and generous.

    So there.

  7. Ah, thanks everyone. I am honored. I have to say that the Halloween blog community has been great to me and the Graveyard. Thanks so much!

    Now, everyone, back to prop building!!!