Friday, July 23, 2010

A friend of a friend

of ours Storm Large wrote a song for her one woman show called Crazy Enough that is a beautiful lullaby.

Looks like someone got a hold of one that song and used it in an homage to a family pet that passed away. Husband and I are big softies when it comes to animals.

She posted it on her Facebook page so she must be okay with this...I mean it is quite touching how could she not.

Husband sent it to me at work....told him to stop making me cry in my office! He replied "sometimes you have to feel your heart, even at work"

I adore that man.


  1. :) Dawn, I know what you mean. :) I believe she wrote it when her mother died....yeah, just heart breaking...but stunningly beautiful. She is an amazing lady.


  2. there's pet love and then there's loving pets.

  3. That was the sweetest little mouse. The song really made it great. What a beautiful tribute.