Monday, July 5, 2010

Sometimes I get

very, very lucky. In this case a good friend of my sister (and now our friend) works for an animation company here in town called Happy Trails. They do all kinds of shorts films and online comics. I posted about their version of the Spartacus online comic a while back.

Anyway, he does voice talent for Happy Trails and agreed to help us with the current video. We gave him a copy of the story a week in advance so he could work through it and then he showed up and we did a couple takes and it was perfect. Amazing.

We have taught a class on how to do this effect several times....we sorta of on purpose forget to mention this next part.

See....he took the video to work and they guys at the studio did some effects on it. That is how we get his face to turn into a skull every so often or the flaming eyes.....they are geniuses with After Effects :)

To return the favor we have made them a prop or two for some pieces they have had to film. Win-win for everyone....just really hard to teach that part in a class :D

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