Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know I always say

that I never want to own a haunted house.

But I guess that is a lie. If I had the money to do what I wanted to do, I would quit my job and do it in a heartbeat.

We are talking starting at the caliber of Rocky Point (defunct) that would work for me. And also have the money to hire the right people. The right people to handle all the people that is :)

It takes a lot of people to run something like that, people with varying talents...which means varying personalities.

I deal with that now with my yard display/haunt - dealing with all my fantastic and talent helpers and managing the projects and all that encompasses is not my favorite part.

(Don't get me wrong, love working with all the crew....just sometimes more is not merrier :) I have the main crew all sorted, we work like clock work - most of the time anyway - but they days when there is a large crowd, I get a bit out of my element and am not at my best, no fault of theirs, just shows where I am lacking.)

There is a reason I am in marketing and not human resources.

I know that I am not equipped to handle that many people, and I really have no desire to learn to manage people, there are talented people out there that do and it makes them happy....I want one of them doing what they love so that I can do what I love.

That is the key into getting into the haunted house business for me. It has to be fun. I and everyone working needs to be having a good time doing what they are doing. With that kind of energy we could make the best haunted house ever.

There are so many different people and techniques (of haunting) and things to explore that wildly excite me. How much fun would working with new things, learning and sharing with people that love what they do? (Cause you know us haunters are not doing it for the money!) That part sounds deeevine.

So putting myself into a position of managing a haunted house would not make me happy....and that would travel through the haunt...and I don't want that. I really want to do what I love and work with people doing the same.

It is not really a goal of mine to do this, just an me if the circumstances ever play out correctly and this can happen...I am out of this marketing world and making Halloween all day, every day. :)

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