Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not a chance

of a name change, on our local creek, the original family that the creek is named after still lives in the area....and I don't think they are big fans of the graveyard :) I remember the year I put tombstones up during the garden tour, she was not amused :D (I understand, her yard has been in Sunset Magazine among others....and here I am putting silly Halloween decorations in my only locally featured garden! :D)

Now that I ponder it for a moment, I think my friends garden, with corpse in the pit put her over the edge! LOL!

I guess I will never really understand the people that dislike Halloween.....what are they crazy!?

Wait, I think that is what they think about me! :D

I think we are both right! :D


  1. They just can't appreciated your ghoulish genius. Halloween does rule. No matter what age you are.

  2. Maybe you should send her a copy of the map with Davis Creek on it. Just for fun. lol

    But maybe anyone who can't see the humor of gravestones or a skelton on display during garden tours, probably wouldn't think it was funny. I would probably upset her. .again. .hmmmmmmm lol I'm SO mean!!

  3. Thank you so much for the lovely b-day wishes. It made today, which really sucked as a birthday (having strep throat and feeling like I am swallowing burning nails), a lot sweeter. :o)