Wednesday, March 3, 2010

* I have to get a little

silly about this whole award thing sometimes. This whole project has had its share of "moments" over the years and at times I was done helping. Thankfully husband is a very sane person and has a lot of experience at "talking me down" when I get too crazy (like I said, guy deserves a medal.) I laugh and think that sometimes, I think I am going to need therapy over this whole thing. :D

Seriously, I really need to get out and make a prop to put me in a better mood. :D I have this project that was supposed to be my first papier-mâché project last year that I wimped out on :)

It is sitting in my music room mocking me......I think I might have to make time to give it a try - finally :) Or maybe not....if it goes wrong.....I will likely chuck it out the window and follow right after it! :D

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  1. *chanting*

    Do it! Do it!! Dooooo it!!!!! ;D