Tuesday, October 13, 2009


when was the last time you saw a pumpkin in a real graveyard, how about a scarecrow....so they are gone. I gave away my scarecrow and quit carving pumpkins.

Earlier this year I was reading Pumpkinrot's post (tried to find it to link....sorry, no luck) on traditional Halloween decorations. It struck me that in my single minded pursuit to create a graveyard, I had banished anything that was not appropriate from the decor, including pumpks and scarecrows.

I like pumpkins and scarecrows, they were always part of my decor. I missed them.

But they were not going into the graveyard....they just did not fit.

But I do have a large backyard.....hum, I have always wanted to decorate back there, maybe I can do something in the garden.

I knew I wanted a scarecrow for the garden, but how to put pumpkins in the mix? I really don't have the space to grow pumpkins proper in my vegi garden, but I could create something that was just for photos.

So down from upstairs comes a Bart, a little bit of Fix-all, caulking, hardware removal*, a bit of stain and paint, and some rebar to hold up his head, out he goes in one of the vegi beds.

A couple bags of potting soil and a handful of pumpkin seeds ....some rain and a bit of sun....and I have my latest Frog Queen folly!

This is not the finished scene, a few more details to add and some adjustments to the scarecrow, but the Marci's pictures were too good! I had to share. :)

More photos from the lovely Marci
*remember, frog queen HATES when you leave that metal hanging hardware on your skeletons, yes, I will make fun of you, you have been warned. :)

LOL! Footnote on my footnote blog :D Silly frog queen!


  1. giggle, do the back yard too! grave yard is cool, but you should have a little patch of "whimsy" for your self!

  2. This is just super super cool.

  3. Thanks Rot! Your work and photos have definately inspired me to change the way I see my creations.


  4. I'm so late on reading this - just getting caught up, but I wanted to say that I too struggle with what is "real" in this cemetery of mine, in the middle of a residential street, in the middle of suburbia.... actually - Jayson struggles with ME because I want to keep it traditional.... which is why I really love your compromise - awesome. :)

  5. Just happened to come across this post today and I had to comment.
    My family and I don't live too far from a local historical graveyard. (graveyards are just one of my all time favorite places to hang out) Anyway, as my kids and I drove by, I was noticing that someone had found some really lovely, tasteful, solar powered lanterns to hang on each side of a loved ones' grave. Right then and there, I made my kids promise that when I left this world, they would carve a jack o'lantern and put it at my gravesite every Halloween. (of course I told them to use those little battery powered light thingies - God knows, they will probably inherit a life-time supply when I'm gone!)