Monday, October 19, 2009

And to the lady

that came up to the team and told them that they needed more bloody gore and blood and scratches on their makeup and other unhelpful suggestions, and that she would be back next year "when they do it right."

When they do it right?!?!?

Please do not come back to my yard. Ever. This is not the frog queen's joking face.

That was mean, I have no use for that here. If you would have said it around me I would have escorted you out of the graveyard. :)

Believe me, there were police officers and reserves waiting around for something to do....they are nice people, here to support the community; they liked the dancers. If I would have asked, I am sure they would have been happy to remove you from property. :)

I am going to bet that your daughter dances at another school. And it is easier to make yourself feel better by tearing down other people, that the hard work it takes to build yourself up. I guess there is a bit of rivalry between the dance teams...after all these years, looks like high school never changes :D

Still no reason to be mean. Mean people stay out of my yard!!!

I am very stressed this time of year and you really do not piss off the frog think those headstone in the yard are just for decoration? :)


  1. "This is not the frog queen's joking face."
    Quote of the YEAR!

    Bah! on meanies - who needs em. You rock, and *WE* know it, and thats all that counts - oh, and those hundreds of people that make pilgrimages to your house every year... yanno, the ones that LIVE to see your haunt? They count too. :)

  2. Halloween is a time of joy and friendship! Save all the backstabbing for Christmas!

  3. Micheal, I could not agree more! LOL! You are brilliant!

    Dixie - thanks for the support


  4. Oh goddess!!!! I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh, but I can just SEE it all!!!