Thursday, August 27, 2009

Confession of a

pretty good vegetarian ....Anyway, I know that I have eaten my fair share of soup that had animal stock, or something that was flavored with some meat product. I own a few things with leather. But as a rule, if I know it is in there, I won't eat it or buy it. Just like the animals too much. No big hidden agenda...not trying to change the world...just my world. :)

After being a vegetarian (husband too) for 25 years I have been talking to my doctor about improving my health and trying to reduce carbs (sometimes I am more a carbotarian than a vegetarian...cheese pizza, mac n cheese, cheese sandwich (for the record, no, I did not steal Pumpkinrot's), garden burgers...) and she said something about maybe (not trying to change my belief system) but just maybe I should look at adding fish to my diet.

Hum......I have heard a lot of people try to convince me that fish are not "animals" over the years.... a few time, sitting across from them having fish n' chips, I was almost sold. Almost. ;)

After my initial shock, I thought about it and talked to husband. We thought that maybe we would eat a bit better if we loosened up our diet. There are lots of options, free range animals and the like. At least the animals are treated better.

But today I passed 'the chicken truck' on the way to work, happens a few times a week. A big semi filled with chickens in cages, hundreds of them. Today was a nice day, but some days it is pouring rain and freezing, others it is over 100 degrees....I know they are just going to be eaten anyway....but still. Yeah, as of today, Frog Queen is still a vegetarian.


  1. I'm a meat eater, but I totally get it. Animals feel pain. Fish feel pain.

    I once saw a swine truck on the highway. Little human eyes looking out of all the slits in the giant metal trailer/cage.

    I was a vegetarian for about a year a long time ago. I was amazed at how difficult it was so I have nothing but great respect for vegetarians. The world isn't really made for non-meat-eaters.

    Though chicken was the FIRST and EASIEST thing I gave up. I've always been super grossed out by chicken. I mean, think of all the different COLORS of their meat when you're eating chicken...the dark nasty stuff near the bones....the occasional vein! People that eat chicken wings amaze me....tendons veins gristle. Horrible. Like eating a tiny human arm.


    And a meat-eating hypocrite.

  2. And you TOTALLY stole my cheese sandwich!

  3. Yum!!! You make the best cheese sandwiches....another reason to move...I am heading east...someday... ;)

    Thanks Rot. Always appreicate your stopping by!


  4. I'm a vegetarian, not becaue of the animals, but mainly because of food allergies... but I do keep shell fish and regular fish in my diet... didn't used to, but after talking to my doctor.. same problem as you... I added it.. and my count is way down, feel much better!!!!