Thursday, August 6, 2009

At the after tour

wrap up - basically another excuse to drink wine - we talk about how the tour went. Almost everyone said that they got comments about the "scary stuff". Most of them thought it was funny and unusual, and had no problem with it.

A few of the gardeners didn't think it was so funny and thought that it distracted from the gardens. I completely understand, some of these gardens are beautiful and have been featured in many publications. They love what they do, it is their passion.

It is an "ah" moment for me, I resign to stick to my passion, Halloween!! Now I just help organize the tour, and save my garden visits for my Halloween open house. Works fine for me :)

I have to say, I do miss having my yard all perfect! Nothing gets you motivated for yard work like a few hundred people walking through your garden!

Speaking of many days until Halloween? :D

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