Thursday, December 3, 2009

If you are a fan

of Fox News, sorry for my last post. :)

As much as I find the channel annoying, my making fun of them (and Mr. Murdock) was more in reference to the circus type atmosphere of the channel and anything related to that making a Pratchett movie, rather than the actual channel's content.

I hope the last post will make the title of this blog make a bit more sense :)

And.....if you like The Hogfather....they made The Color of Magic (his first book) and The Light Fantastic (both books, one movie) into another delightful movie. If you enjoy the humor, you will like this one too.

Rincewind was perfectly cast. And any movie with Tim Curry (as Trymon) gets my attention. :)

Now I am just waiting to see the Wyrd Sisters as a movie....who will they cast as Nanny Ogg - cause I do happen to posses a cat to play Greedo (although now gone orange tabby, Merlin would have been PERFECT) - yes, Dorie might have found her calling - if I can pry her out from under the couch :D


  1. I have NO TV reception by choice...ergo: I did not understand a word of that except for the books...I am glad you read, it is good for your brain...TV, not so much.

  2. LOL! Could not agree more. Hated TV since I was a kid.

    Movies and UK TV shows are okay, but I rather read, oh, and make Halloween decorations :)