Monday, September 28, 2009

I did not say

anything about the spider in the eye incident until Sunday night....mostly because I could not utter the words out loud. But we were talking to some friends that stopped by on Sunday afternoon and the conversation got on to conversations do.

"Well, you know, daddy long legs are really not spiders" says Ruby - one of the biggest fans of the Graveyard since she was four (she is six now) - makes her parents drive by everyday when it is set up.

"Looks like a spider to me....that is guilt by association. It is a spider in my book."

Everyone laughs.

The thing "spider" that crawled in my eye I am pretty sure was a daddy long legs, or something close to that....I think I could go look it up and find out for sure.....but that would mean looking at pictures of spiders to help identify it.

My left eye informed me not to even think about it, that it has seen enough spiders....thank you very much.


  1. my new house is infested with spiders. i've sucked so many of them up in my shop vac from the basement and garage! ugh!

  2. p.s. if you don't like spiders, do not go look at my newest post on SSS! even though it is cool!

  3. Diane - I was going to say "sorry that you have so many spiders in your new place" then I did something silly and checked your blog...because I am stupid.

    Yikes!!! Why, why would you do that...I mean I hate spiders.....but seriously - creepy!!!

    Okay, still does not trump spiders in the house....I hate that, okay I still feel sorry for you. :)

  4. you promised no more spider pictures :( so sneaky you posted it on your other blog... not fair!