Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I got Tim Minchin tickets

Woohoo!!! He is playing in Seattle....about a 5 hour drive from here - love Seattle gives me an excuse to spend a weekend hanging out up there!

I will be there on Friday, June 24th  - I could not be happier.  I finally get to see him live.

Now if Billy Connolly would just play Seattle that would be perfect!  Cause as much as I love Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran and Tommy Tienan and Lee Evans and Bill Bailey and Chris Rock and Kat Williams and Robin Williams and Paula Poundstone and Jimmy Carr and Catherine Tate and Russel Brand and Ross Noble and Sean Locke and Stephen Lynch the late George Carlin and Richard Pryor and Sam Kinison and Noel Fielding and Dave Chappell and Demetri Martian and Steven Wright and Lewis Black and Mike Ward and Eddie Murphy and of course, Lenny Bruce (I am sure I forgot a few) - Billy Connolly is my all time favorite.

But since Billy is not coming to Seattle and Tim is....on June 24th - he will be my favorite comic!!

A little Minchin to celebrate!!!


  1. You aren't excited are you? LOL Have an awesome time! I am thrilled for you.


  2. I looked at your list of comedians and then I looked at mine. Did you steal my list? You even have Billy Connolly as your #1.

    I'm watching you, Frog Queen. Husband will be hearing about this.

  3. How did I forget Ed Byrne in that list!!! Oh my, he should be close to the top!!