Friday, September 24, 2010

I have missed a few

Friday music posts.....I knew that would happen.

But I am back.  Today I will talk about one of my favorite CDs.  Does not happen often that I love an entire CD and can listen to it from start to finish without wanting to skip a song or in my head say "not really loving that song."

So on that very short list is an album by a group that has been called acoustic goth music.  Fair enough.  This one speaks to my dark side but in a more mature voice.  Does not seem as whinny as some goth music....sorry, not meaning to offend.  But sometimes..... :D

I have all of Human Dramas work.  But this one CD "The World Inside" is one of my very favorite CDs. Especially when I am working on something creative or if I just want to sit and listen for a while.  It is perfect with a glass or two of  Cabernet or Syrah :)

Here is a live version of "This Tangled Web"

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