Thursday, June 24, 2010

Importnant note

If you read the previous post....on Grave of Fireflies....I am talking about the animated version...not the live actor version...that one may be good too....I have not seen it. Likely never will....cause I LOVE the animated version.

Don't let that fool you animated with is still worth is a very powerful movie.


  1. Thank you very much Frog queen!

  2. I'm actually jealous of you. I have very little access to any of Miyazaki's work with any English (subbed or dubbed) over here! The DVDs are EXTREMELY overpriced to buy so I don't know if they are subtitled or not.
    As for Fireflies, I have an illustrated novelization that I read with my more advanced students. It is SOOO sad!!

  3. Agreed Michael - that story will break your heart!


  4. I hear ya. Live action versions are always worse than the original animated stuff...ala Smurfs.