Friday, January 15, 2010

This proves my point

on #5 on the last list. So we rent some movies (I am going to be nice when I say "we" - I am going to take credit for agreeing to rent I guess it is partly my fault.) :D

So we watched two movies the other night, one romantic comedy and one horror film.

All About Steve and Jennifer's Body

All About Steve was painful to watch, I think I have an imprint of the embroidery on my sofa on my head from banging against it trying to lower my iQ enough to watch that disaster. OMG - I cannot find words to describe how awful it was. I should be honest....I did not watch the whole thing....I got up from the couch as many times as I could throughout the movie :D I rest my case, most romantic comedies are rubbish....they make both men and women look like idiots.

I have to go watch Practical Magic again so that I don't have that image of Sandra in a dreadful blonde wig stuck in my head.

So, Jennifer's Body had to be better, right? Well, only slightly...don't rent that one either. It is okay, but I would never recommend it. Not sure what it is, it had potential, but just never went anywhere and was too predictable for my liking.

Once again, not going to get into the well covered movie review arena.....just giving you my will have to trust me on these two movies and stay away.

Husband says I get to pick the movies next time!! I have to see if Robo-Geisha is out yet :D


  1. it's rare that i will actually sit still long enough to watch an entire movie. so i'm really glad for the warning! i won't waste my time!

    i hope you're doing terrific! i'm wearing my davis graveyard shirt today!!

  2. Ah, really? That is too cool! Thanks so much!


  3. I have to admit that I do like some romantic comedies, and in an immediate comparison, Sandra's "The Proposal" was a lot better than All About Steve. It had little plot, and I wanted to slap some sense into her stupid, shallow character. (and I never slap anything!) She wasn't funny, she was annoying.

    To be honest though, what I loved about The Proposal, was that they went to Alaska, she was the "fish out of water", the scenery was gorgeous, and Betty White was funny.

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  5. Oh I love, love, love Practical Magic. Usually don't watch to many movies, can't sit still long enough. When I do, I find myself watching something sooo stupid. Thanks for the heads up on these two!